Presentation Server for UNIX 1.x (all versions)
Presentation Server for UNIX 1.x (all versions)

Hotfix ME160SX001 Solaris SPARC
Filename: ME160SX001 (SPARC)

For: MetaFrame for UNIX® Operating Systems,
Feature Release 1 for the Solaris Operating Environment
Languages: All languages supported by MetaFrame for UNIX
Operating Systems Feature Release 1.


This hotfix resolves the following issue:

When HTTP browsing to a server that is running XML and has two or more network cards configured:

Use the command ctxnfusesrv -bind ip_addr to bind to a specific network card.

Installation Instructions for Hotfix ME160SX001

: Install this hotfix only on servers on which you have installed MetaFrame for UNIX Operating Systems,
Feature Release 1, for the Solaris Operating Environment.

1. Download the hotfix file to a directory on the server on which you want to install the hotfix. Ensure there is at
least 1.5MB free in this directory.

2. The hotfix file is archived and compressed. To untar and uncompress the file, type:
compress -dc ME160SX001.tar.Z | tar xvf -

3. Ensure there are no users logged on and stop the server. Use ctxshutdown to do this.

4. Log on as root.

5. In the directory containing the ME160XS001 directory, install the hotfix by typing:
patchadd -M . ME160XS001

Files Updated

-r-xr-x--- 1 ctxnfuse ctxadm 4677 Sep 7 16:53 ctxnfusesrv
-r--r----- 1 root ctxadm 377519 Sep 7 16:50 ctxxmld.jar