XenApp Plug-in for Windows (32/64 Bit)
XenApp Plug-in for Windows (32/64 Bit)

After using auto client update to upgrade any version of Remote Application Manager to any version of Program Neighborhood, Program Neighborhood is not completely removed by the uninstall program.

The ICA client is installed and uninstalled using Installshield. Installshield logs the install steps to the file Uninst.isu and uses this file to completely uninstall the client. Client auto update does not use Installshield to add or update files and the Uninst.isu file cannot be updated or modified to reflect the changes made by the auto update process. When upgrading from Remote Application Manager to Program Neighborhood, files and directories not in the original installation (therefore not logged to Uninst.isu) are copied to the hard drive. When a user runs the ICA Client uninstall program, it removes the files associated with Remote Application Manager but does not uninstall the components associated with Program Neighborhood.

It is possible to manually remove the client. To do so, remove the following files:

1. Wfcname.ini

2. The entire contents ot the Program FilesCitrixICA Client directory.

3. All files in \%WINDIR%Profiles\%USERNAME%Application DataICAClient

4. The following files in the \%WINDIR%System[32] directory:

ctrxaud.acm, ctrxvid.drv, DecCtxA0.dll, DecCtxAH.dll, DecCtxV0.dll, DecCtxV1.dll, FwColCtx.dll, ReColCtx.dll
vidctx00.bin, vidctx02.bin, vidctx10.bin, vidctx12.bin, vidctx20.bin, vidctx22.bin, vidctx30.bin, vidctx32.bin
vidctx40.bin, vidctx42.bin, vidctx50.bin, vidctx52.bin, vidctx60.bin, and vidctx62.bin.

NOTE: Once they are empty, the Program FilesCitrixICA Client, Program FilesCitrix, and \%WINDIR%Profiles\%USERNAME%Application DataICAClient directories can be deleted.

5. It may also be necessary to to remove the following key from the registry:


WARNING: Modifying the registry incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your
operating system. Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect registry modification can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.

This key registers the ICA ActiveX control with the operating system. If you remove the control (as above) and do not delete this key, Internet Explorer will not automatically download and install the ICA ActiveX control from Web sites that utilize them.