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Who Should Install This Hotfix?

This is a hotfix for customers running Citrix XenServer 6.0.2 Common Criteria. All customers who are affected by the issues described in??CTX209443: Citrix XenServer Multiple Security Updates??should install this hotfix.

Issues Resolved in This Hotfix

This security hotfix addresses the vulnerabilities as described in the Security Bulletin above. In addition, it resolves the following issue:

  • After installing the hotfix XS602ECC024, certain security programs or debuggers can cause Windows VMs to reboot on Intel hardware.

Note:??Customers who deploy XenServer in the Common Criteria evaluated configuration should note that this hotfix does impact the security claims listed in the product's Security Target.

This hotfix also includes the following previously released hotfixes:

Installing the Hotfix

Customers should use either XenCenter or the XenServer Command Line Interface (CLI) to install this update. Once the update is installed, the server must be restarted for the changes to take effect. As with any software update, back up your data before applying this hotfix. Citrix recommends updating all hosts within a pool sequentially. Updating of hosts should be scheduled to minimize the amount of time the pool runs in a "mixed state" where some hosts are updated and some have not. Running a mixed pool of updated and non-updated hosts for general operation is not supported.

NOTE:??The attachment to this article is a zip file. It contains both the hotfix update package and the source code for any modified open source components. The source code is not necessary for hotfix installation: it is provided to fulfil licensing obligations.

Installing the update by using XenCenter

  1. Download the update to a known location on a computer where XenCenter is also installed.
  2. In XenCenter, on the??Tools??menu, select??Install New Update. The Install Update wizard appears.
  3. Click??Next??to start the Wizard.
  4. Click??Add??to upload the update.
  5. Browse to the location where you downloaded the hotfix, select it, and then click??Open.
  6. From the list of updates select??XS602ECC031.xsupdate??and then click??Next.
  7. Select the hosts you wish to apply the hotfix to, and then click??Next.
  8. Follow the recommendations to resolve any upgrade prechecks and then click??Next.
  9. Choose how to perform post-update tasks. In the??Post update options??section, select??automatically??or??manually, and then click??Install update.
  10. When the installation process is complete, click??Finish??to exit the wizard.


  • If you select??manually??to perform the post-update tasks, you must ensure to do so after installing the hotfix.
  • If you select??automatically??to perform the post-update tasks, the XenCenter controlled upgrade process restarts each host sequentially starting with the Pool Master, where possible VMs are migrated to other running hosts to avoid VM downtime. When restarting the Pool Master, XenCenter cannot monitor the pool.

Installing the update by using the xe Command Line Interface

  1. Download the update file to a known location.
  2. Extract the xsupdate file from the zip.
  3. Upload the xsupdate file to the Pool Master by entering the following commands:??
    (Where??hostname??is the Pool Master's IP address or DNS name.)

    xe patch-upload -s??<hostname>??-u root -pw??<password>??file-name=<path_to_update_file>\XS602ECC031.xsupdate

    XenServer assigns the update file a UUID which this command prints. Note the UUID.


  4. Apply the hotfix to all hosts in the pool, specifying the UUID of the hotfix:

    xe -s??<hostname>??-u root -pw??<password>??patch-pool-apply uuid=d75705d9-64a8-46a4-afdd-c5351642621c

  5. Verify that the update was applied by using the??patch-list??command.

    xe patch-list -s??<hostname>??-u root -pw??<password>??name-label=XS602ECC031

    If the update is successful, the??hosts??field contains the UUIDs of the hosts this patch was successfully applied to. This should be a complete list of all hosts in the pool.
  6. To verify in XenCenter that the update has been applied correctly, select the Pool, and then click the??General??tab. This displays the Pool properties. In the??Updates??section, ensure that the update is listed as??Applied.
  7. The hotfix is applied to all hosts in the pool, but it will not take effect until each host has been rebooted. For each host, migrate the VMs that you wish to keep running, and shut down the remaining VMs before rebooting the host.



Hotfix File

Component Details
Hotfix Filename XS602ECC031.xsupdate
Hotfix File md5sum 7e766bbcc02292cf8d6b731d4603673c
Hotfix Source Filename XS602ECC031-src-pkgs.tar.bz2
Hotfix Source File md5sum a5f5e56d0b2071c96f6b8ff858351b1e
Hotfix Zip Filename XS602ECC031.zip
Hotfix Zip File md5sum 534d12edbf7fe1f2e2981fc2fd360968

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