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Package name:??xms_10.3.0.10004.bin
For: XenMobile Server 10.3.0
Deployment type: On-premises only
Date:??February, 2016
Languages supported:??English (US)
Readme version:??1.00

Readme Revision History

Version Date Change Description
1.00 February, 2016 Initial release

Important Notes about This Update

Note: As a best practice, Citrix recommends that you install this and other updates only if you are affected by the specific issues they resolve.

Where to Find Documentation

This document describes the issue(s) resolved by this release and includes installation instructions. For additional product information, see??XenMobile Server 10.3??on the Citrix Product Documentation site.

Known Issue(s) in this Release

  1. The log file sizes and maximum number of backup files that you configure through the XenMobile console are not reflected in the console. The settings are also not retained when you restart the XenMobile server.


New Fixes in This Update

  1. This fix ensures that when a user sets the log file size and maximum number of backup log files, these values are configured correctly in XenMobile and the files roll over properly. However, the XenMobile console might not reflect the updated values as noted in Known Issue #551199.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#597772]

  2. When you have an Advanced license type and you select the Enrollment required check box in the XenMobile console, users can register in MAM-only mode and access the Worx Store.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#604113]

  3. When users try to remove an app or weblink from within Worx Home, the following error appears: Worx Home could not connect.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#599934]

  4. The properties $user.dnsroot and $user.netbiosename are used in macros to deploy policies using user properties. The dnsroot and netbiosename user properties were deprecated in XenMobile 10.1. This fix enables these properties again in XenMobile 10.3.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#604240]

  5. When you configure a WiFi device policy, even though the deployment schedule is set to Only when previous deployment has failed, the WiFi policy is pushed to devices every time the device connects.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#610325]

  6. Security patch: This addresses Vulnerability Note VU#576313: Apache Commons Collections Java library insecurely deserializes data.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#610427]

  7. PIN-based enrollment might fail if multiple PINs are in a pending state for users. The issue occurs when users try to enroll in one instance without an invitation link.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#600264]

  8. When the iOS device is registered in Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Worx Home might not download to the iOS device.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#595822]

  9. When you have LDAP configured with different base DNs for users and groups, after updating to XenMobile 10.3, you cannot add new groups to delivery groups.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#610014]

  10. When you configure LDAP with a lockout limit, after upgrading to XenMobile 10.3, when a new user in the same domain enrolls a device in Worx Home with invalid credentials, such as a mistyped password, Worx Home stops responding and SQL Server fails.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#615179]

  11. Occasionally, the XenMobile server goes into recovery mode after about 20 to 30 minutes due to a known Java Runtime Environment (JRE) issue. After restarting the server, the issue occurs again.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#616992]

  12. When a server has a custom instance name, after updating from XenMobile 10.1 to XenMobile 10.3, users cannot enroll devices.

    [From xms_10.3.0.10004.bin][#616954]

Fixes from Replaced Releases

No releases were replaced by this update.

Installing This Update

Important:??Before installing this update, take a snapshot of the current settings and create a backup of the database.

For installation instructions, see??Upgrading XenMobile??on the Citrix Product Documentation site.

Note:??XenMobile might not require a restart after the update installs. In this case, a message indicates that the updated installation is successful. If, however, XenMobile does require a restart, you must use the command line.

Important:??If your system is configured in cluster mode, follow these steps to update each node:

  1. Shut down all but one node.
  2. Update that node
  3. Confirm that the service is running before updating the next node.

If for some reason the update cannot be completed successfully, an error message appears indicating the problem. The system reverts to its state prior to the update attempt.

To verify the patch deployment

After installing this patch, log on to the XenMobile console as an administrator, then navigate to??Settings??page >??Release Management??>??Updates. Information about the most recent successful patch installation appears in this section.

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