NetScaler Insight Center does not display data.

Symptoms or Error

NetScaler Insight Center does not display data.


Complete the following steps to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Wait for 5 minutes for the data to appear on the dashboard.

  2. Verify if the NetScaler Insight Center version is same or higher when compared to NetScaler ADC version.

  3. Verify if the NetScaler ADC has the required license for NetScaler Insight Center to collect data.

  4. Verify if all the configurations are implemented from NetScaler Insight center, and not from the NetScaler ADC.

  5. Verify if the configuration utility is displaying any repeated error messages. If so, verify if there are any core dumps in the /var/core directory.

  6. Verify if AppFlow is enabled on the NetScaler appliance.
  7. If NetScaler Insight Center is configured to collect AppFlow data for HDX then ensure that Export Option = ICA is selected.

  8. Verify if AppFlow logging is enabled on the virtual servers (load balancing, content switching, or VPN virtual servers) of the NetScaler appliance.

  9. Verify if AppFlow is enabled for the services and service groups that are bound to the load balancing virtual servers.

  10. Verify if AppFlow policy for the virtual server has the highest priority for which AppFlow is most recently enabled.
    Note: If AppFlow is enabled for a virtual server on more than one NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance, the virtual appliance on which AppFlow was most recently enabled for the NetScaler appliance collects the information.

    Complete the following procedure to verify the priority:

    1. On the NetScaler appliance, navigate to Traffic Management.

    2. Expand Load Balancing, or expand Content Switching and then click Virtual Servers.

    3. Double-click the virtual server for which you want to see if AppFlow is enabled.

    4. In the Configure Virtual Server dialog box, on the Policies tab, click the arrow in the right corner of the dialog box.

    5. Select AppFlow from the drop-down list. Verify if the AppFlow policy name has the highest priority.

    6. Also, from the command line interface, run the sh appflow global command to make sure that the global AppFlow policies do not override the virtual server policies.

  11. Verify if NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliances and port values are set correctly on the NetScaler appliance.

    Complete the following steps to verify these values:

    1. On the Configuration tab of NetScaler appliance, navigate to System > AppFlow. Under Policy Manager select AppFlow Policy Manager.

    2. Select a virtual server (Load Balancing or Content Switching).

    3. Double click Action Name and verify if the NetScaler Insight Center IP address and port are correct.

  12. Verify if the traffic is flowing through the NetScaler virtual server for which data collection was enabled in the NetScaler Insight Center.
    Also verify that the hits counter is increasing on the AppFlow policy, by running the following command from the NetScaler command line interface:
    sh appflow policy

  13. Verify if the UDP port 4739 on the NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance is reachable from NetScaler appliance.

  14. Verify if Log only client-side traffic is set to NO. Run the following command on the NetScaler command line interface:
    show appflow param

     AppFlow parameters IPFIX template refresh interval: 3600 seconds  Appname refresh interval: 60 seconds  IPFIX flow record export interval: 60 seconds  IPFIX UDP Path MTU: 1472 bytes  HTTP URL logging: ENABLED  AAA username logging: ENABLED  HTTP cookie logging: ENABLED  HTTP referer logging: ENABLED  HTTP method logging: ENABLED  HTTP host logging: ENABLED  HTTP user-agent logging: ENABLED  HTTP Content-Type header logging: ENABLED  HTTP Authorization header logging: ENABLED  HTTP Via header logging: ENABLED  HTTP X-Forwarded-For header logging: ENABLED  HTTP Location header logging: ENABLED  HTTP Setcookie header logging: ENABLED  HTTP Setcookie2 header logging: ENABLED  Log only client-side traffic: NO Connection Chaining: DISABLED 

    If Log only client-side traffic is set to YES, then run the following command to change the setting to NO:
    set appflow param -clientTrafficOnly (YES | NO) Example: set appflow param -clientTraffic

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