Zenprise 7.x
Zenprise 7.x
Zenprise AD Groups Native Rights.

Zenprise AD Groups Native Rights

Console Administrator

This is the top-level console administrator group. It has full rights to view and/or modify everything within the Zenprise environment. This includes both the Web Console and the Desktop Console.

Advanced Operator

This group has access to everything from an administration standpoint. What it cannot do is change the Zenprise server configuration settings.

Restricted from:

  • Running Discovery
  • Modifying Collectors on/off status
  • Running Environment Setup Wizard
  • Altering any user notifications except for the logged into account
  • Resetting WMI
  • Altering server Agent installed/uninstalled state
  • Altering server Management state
  • Ignoring Root Causes or overriding Root Cause severities
  • Starting License Manager

Help Desk

This group has all the restrictions that Advanced Operator has, as well as some additional restrictions on tasks that a Help Desk agent typically would not be responsible for.

Restricted from:

  • Visibility to Desktop Console tabs except User Dashboard
  • Using any functions not native to the User Dashboard tab (that is - can see a link to a root cause, but cannot click the link to view the cause in the Diagnose & Resolve tab.
  • Visibility to Web Console pages except for User Summary pages
  • Actions outside of Ping test (all others are read only)

Report User

This is a specialized group that only allows a user to log into the Desktop Console and access the Reports page.

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