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Tools and Resources
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XenDesktop Site Checker

Updated: 11/23/12


The XenDesktop site checker uses the XenDesktop Powershell SDK to enumerate XenDesktop 5 site brokers, services, hosts, assignments, catalogs, and provisioning tasks and schemes. It checks whether or not services are running and service instances are registered, and provides the ability to enable logging for each service. It also provides advanced management tasks that aren’t available in Desktop Studio, and provides detailed information about each component that it checks, and logs any script that is executed by the tool.

New Features in this release:


Added version checking so that Site Checker will only run on supported versions of XenDesktop (currently 5.x only).

Features added in previous releases:


Announcing ‘WorkerDiag’ as part of Site Checker. WorkerDiag provides quick and relevant details of desktops in a XenDesktop 5.x environment by using the PowerShell SDK and WMI to enumerate and display key data points for each desktop. To use, right click the ‘Assignments’ node and select ‘Check Workers’, or use the menu button at the bottom of the Site Checker window:

Once opened, click the ‘Check Workers’ button to enumerate desktops based on the filter values specified. Results can be sorted and exported, and right-clicking a desktop provides actions such as power management, Desktop Service management, and Computer Management.


    ??鷉G Added Catalog and Desktop Group enumeration

    ??鷉G Added a regex search box to quickly find matching nodes in the treeview

    ??鷉G Click to expand/collapse treenodes, left/right keys to navigate

    ??鷉G Added right-click power actions for machines

    ??鷉G Added sessions node under Assignments with right-click disconnect/logoff

    ??鷉G Added power actions node to show running and completed broker-initiated power actions

    ??鷉G Fixed service logging and control

    ??鷉G Tweaked the TreeView to build child nodes when expanding parent nodes (much faster to load), clicking certain nodes will also refresh the child nodes (such as Sessions, and Desktop Groups)


    ??鷉G Re-aligned the top level TreeView nodes to reflect the layout of Desktop Studio

    ??鷉G Better support for resizing/maximizing

    ??鷉G Added PVD Storage to the host node (for 5.6+ sites), as well as the ability to remove storage from either VM or PVD storage

    ??鷉G Added AD Identity Pool, Catalog, Provisioning Schemes, and Provisioning Tasks nodes

    ??鷉G Added the ability to Stop/Remove provisioning tasks

    ??鷉G Added the ability to view/edit an assignment’s advanced power settings

    ??鷉G Added a SQL join/evict script generator

    ??鷉G Added better logging and exception handling


This tool require .NET 3.5 SP1 and the XenDesktop Powershell SDK (both are installed with XenDesktop 5 or later).

Installing XenDesktop Site Checker

Extract XD Site Checker.exe from the download and execute on a Desktop Delivery Controller (DDC) that is a member broker of a XenDesktop site.

How to Use XenDesktop Site Checker

To use this tool, run the executable file on a XenDesktop 5 member DDC. After the site is enumerated, click any node in the right-hand tree view to view details about the node. Right-clicking different types of nodes will provide actions that can be performed, such as testing service instances, starting/stopping services, enabling service logging, or changing a hosting unit’s preferred DDC.

  • The following screen shot displays the main form. The tool breaks the site up into three main nodes; Configuration, Machines, and Assignments:

  • Selecting a node will display up to date details in the ‘Node Details’ field
  • Right-clicking certain nodes provide actions to perform. For example, right clicking a service will provide the ability to start/stop/restart the service, or enable/disable logging:
  • You can send a ping request to any service instance, if you right-click on the service instance, as shown in the following screen shot:
  • If the utility did not detect an issue with an instance and the instances must be reset, then select Reset Service Instances to force a reset.
  • All powershell scripts used by the tool are shown in the ‘Log Viewer’ pane.

Security Permissions Required by XenDesktop Site Checker

A XenDesktop administrator must run this tool, for the tool to have full access to the XenDesktop site and services.

Data Modified by XenDesktop Site Checker

XenDesktop Site Checker uses PowerShell to register site services, similar to the commands outlined in CTX132188. It also has the ability to start and stop services on brokers in a site, and add logging parameters to services, as outlined in CTX117452.

How to Undo the Changes Made by XenDesktop Site Checker

The changes made by this tool are all done through the SDK. However, it is always recommended to backup the XenDesktop database before troubleshooting and/or using this tool.

Uninstalling XenDesktop Site Checker

You need not install/uninstall the tool.

Contact Information

Questions? Concerns? Send any feedback for this tool to supporttools@citrix.com.


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