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This article provides users step-by-step instructions on how to create a Citrix login and password on Citrix.com. The steps below are for an individual or organization that does not have an existing Citrix account.


An account on citrix.com is a customer and partner’s portal to a wealth of tools and information about Citrix’s Application Delivery and Virtualization products that are not available to the general public. Access to this information requires a login and password. Citrix does not sell information about its registered users. See more information about Citrix’s Privacy Policy at http://www.citrix.com/English/aboutCitrix/legal/privacyStatement.asp.


1. Go to www.citrix.com

2. Select the My Account tab located in the lower left-hand corner of the page and then select

New Users located on the left.

    a. If your company is a Citrix Partner, you must contact the person designated as your Business Contact to set up your account on Partner Central. To identify the individual designated as your Business Contact, click Find your Business Contact and then enter your company name, state and country and follow the instructions on the screen.

    b. If you are not a Citrix Partner, ensure you do not already have an existing login for the My Account portal before establishing a new user account. To determine whether you already have an existing account, click Find your company account and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: If a login or email address is found, login information will be emailed to the

registered email address.

3. If your company is not a Citrix Partner and you have determined that you do not already have

An existing Citrix account, enter your personal information in the registration screen.

      a. You must enter the information in each field that is preceded by an asterisk (*).

      b. Once all information is entered, click Continue.

4. Select a Username and Password for your Citrix account that meets the guidelines


5. Enter the Username and Password you selected in each field that is preceded by an asterisk

(*) and click Continue.

Note: You must enter your Password in the “Password” box and the “Confirm Password” box.

6. When the next screen displays, you will be logged into the system and your Username will be

displayed followed by your Company ID.

7. Click My Profile to complete your registration by providing additional information.

8. Use the scroll bar on the right to provide all requested information and when finished, click

Save at the bottom of the screen.

You have now finished creating your account on Citrix. Use it to register for a Citrix License Program or access tools and information about Citrix’s Application Delivery and Virtualization products not available to the general public.

    (Note: Please refrain from logging into the My Account site for one hour following login creation, if you logout immediately, so that the system can update).

Need Additional Assistance?

Please contact the Citrix Customer Service department in your region. For contact information click here or reference citrix.com > Support > Customer Service > Contact Us > Contact Customer Service.