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This article contains resolution for Error: IMA Service Error Message -2147483647.

Symptoms or Error

The following error indicates local host cache (LHC) corruption or Event Viewer issues.
"Windows could not start the Independent Management Architecture on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code -2147483647."

The following four Event Viewer errors are logged into the System log:

  1. Failed to load plug-in ImaPsSs.dll with error 80000001h.
  2. Failed to load plug-in ImaRuntimeSs.dll with error 80000001h.
  3. Failed to load initial plug-ins with error 80000001h.
  4. The Independent Management Architecture service terminated with service-specific error -2147483647.

Steps to Reproduce

Use one of the following methods to reproduce the issue:

Method 1

  1. Open the ODBC control panel on the server.

  2. Locate the IMADirectory Data Source name under the file or system DSN tab.

  3. Highlight the IMADirectory and select the Configure tab.

  4. Note the path and database file; for example, C:\program files\citrix\Independent Management Architecture\imalhc.mdb.

  5. Stop the IMA Service.

  6. Rename the file imalhc.mdb with a file extension other than .mdb.

  7. Restart the IMA Service. The preceding error message is displayed.

  8. Rename the file in Step 6 back to imalhc.mdb.

  9. Restart the IMA Service. The service starts successfully.

Method 2

Disable the Event Viewer Service and restart the computer. Attempt to start the IMA service. Accessing the Event Viewer produces a “The Interface is Unknown” error.

Citrix has seen the Event Viewer Service is in an unresponsive, starting state and therefore prevents IMA from starting.


    This error could occur due to other causes too, however the preceding steps to reproduce indicate the error is generated because of a corrupt local host cache file.

    To recreate the local host cache, stop the IMA Service, then run dsmaint recreatelhc. The command performs the following three actions:

    • Sets the value of the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\IMA\ Runtime\PSRequired\ key to 1.
    • Deletes the existing imalhc.mdb.
    • Recreates an empty imalhc.mdb.
    Important! You must restart the IMA Service after running dsmaint recreatelhc. When the IMA Service is restarted, the local host cache is repopulated with the data from the data store. The data store server must be available for dsmaint recreatelhc to work. If the data store is not available, the Citrix IMA Service fails to start.


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